Six Clear Reasons To Do Nothing About Your Hearing Loss

2021-08-13 | Hearing loss, Patient Resources

Hearing loss? Who says you even have one? Okay, so maybe it’s everyone you care for, but that doesn’t mean they’re right!

And even if they are, which they’re not, because only old people have a hearing loss –and you have miles to go in that body of yours – treatment is SO unnecessary!

And you have medical reports to back you up. NIDCD Epidemiology and Statistics Program staff reported recently that 16% to 30% of people who could treat a hearing loss don’t. You’re in good company!

We’re sure you’re tired of fobbing off all the silly people trying to get you to do something about your hearing when you clearly know what you’re doing.

We’ve got you. Keep reading to see the main reasons why you should delay or do nothing about your hearing loss … not that you have one, of course.

#1 – It’s Not Me, Everyone Else Mumbles/Talks Quietly

They’re all in on it, determined to have the last laugh by deliberately talking more quietly and mumbling. But you’re on to them!

You know what they’re up to, trying to imply your body is getting older and weaker. How dare they! You’re in the prime of life. No weakness here.

If you just keep insisting they’re wrong and force them to quit mumbling and whispering, they’ll eventually come around to the truth. Who’s laughing now? Booyah.

#2 – I Don’t Want Her/Him To Be Right

You’re always right. It’s who you are. It’s what you do. How could they try to insinuate otherwise?

You’ve spent decades establishing your dominance when it comes to knowledge. No one else gets to give input when you know it all. And you really do.

Which is why they’re wrong about you being wrong, no matter how many articles and leaflets they try to get you to read about hearing loss and treatment options that have helped millions have a richer life. Because you’re right.

#3 – I Don’t Need To Hear People Anyway

Life in your own little muffled bubble is a haven of peace. People pay the big bucks to get what you have for free.

No one bothers you anymore, no one tries to talk to you, and your friends, spouse, and kids have all but given up on you listening to reason lies.

No one calls because they seem to believe you can’t follow a phone conversation, nor do they invite you out for a meal and a chat – for the same reason.

Your world, your way. #priceless

#4 – I Don’t Want A Giant Ear Horn Like My Grandparents Had

For real, hearing aids haven’t advanced at all in the last two hundred years. You’ve seen the pictures of invisible hearing aids, but you’re not fooled. No siree!

You know that it’s all a big lie to get you in the door of a hearing clinic so they can pretend you need help. Pssht. Help is for the weak.

You’ve done things your way all your life. Why change now and wear a silly hearing aid that takes over your whole ear, making you look decrepit?

So they SAY you can get one that hides in your ear canal and that it doesn’t need batteries because it’s rechargeable. They SAY that you can block out background noise and join in every type of conversation again. They SAY you can change the settings on a phone app without having to change it manually every time, but that’s just silly.

That’s just a smaller ear horn everyone will know about.

#5 – I Don’t Miss The Sounds Of Birds Chirping/Frogs Croaking 

The sounds of nature are overrated. Birds, breezes, frogs. You’re just too old for that %#%#.

Oh, wait…

#5 – I Live Alone With My Dogs/Cats, And I Can Hear Them Just Fine

They bark, you hear. They stick their head in your lap when they’re hungry. Okay, so the purring and whimpering might be muted a bit, but you’d hear them if they were in pain.

Wouldn’t you…?

Of Course, We’re Just Kidding. But This Is Serious.

We’ve heard it all from new patients who sometimes share their excuses for not treating their hearing sooner, like the ones you’ve read above. But let’s be honest – none of them are good reasons.

Delaying or ignoring the need for hearing treatment is like never getting glasses – you’re the one who misses out.

Hearing treatment gets you back into a rich lifestyle again, independent and free. No one needs to repeat themselves or explain a conversation anymore. You’re not embarrassed anymore about not tracking a conversation.

You get to be sociable again. You get to communicate clearly with your loved ones again. Your family’s frustration will cease, and you’ll notice so much about your environment that you’ve been missing for a long time.

The first step to hearing clearly again is simple – get a non-invasive, quick hearing test. You’ll get the results right after, and we’ll talk about treatment options if you need one.

Schedule your hearing test with us – the most trusted and highest-rated hearing care and balance clinics in South Louisiana – by filling out this online form, or call us at 985-273-5795 with any questions.

We look forward to helping you on your hearing journey. You’ll be amazed at how good life can be again.

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Allison Agulnick, B.S.

Allison Agulnick spent her childhood in Boston, Massachusetts. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont and went to Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center graduate school. As an audiology extern, she is involved in audiologist evaluations, vestibular assessments, hearing aid fittings, and maintenance. While she is fairly new to the team, her passion and dedication to the role are a true representation of her ambitious character. Watching her grow over the past few months has been remarkable, however, she credits her success to working alongside an intelligent team of professionals. Outside of work, she loves to hang out with her dogs – of whom some are fostered. She also loves to cook/bake and spend time in her garden where she grows different herbs, vegetables, berries, and melons.


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