How Treating Your Hearing Loss Can Improve Your Relationships

2019-01-30 | Hearing loss

How Treating Your Hearing Loss Can Improve Your Relationships

Treating a hearing loss has a tremendous number of benefits for your life. Not only does it improve your personal experience, it can also restore the quality of your connections with loved ones. At SLENT Hearing & Balance, we have seen treatment for hearing loss give people a fresh new perspective and a stronger bond with family members, friends, and partners.



It’s important to maintain a good balance in your relationships. This looks different for everyone, but you certainly don’t want to have to rely on anyone to talk to people on your behalf or use the phone for you. These are just a couple of the common problems caused by hearing loss that can disappear after a visit to an Audiologist.

If you find yourself having to interact with the world through someone else, it’s time to book a hearing test so you know where you are and find out what can be done to help.



Any relationship relies on good communication. If your hearing starts to fade, communication is the first thing to go. This is often closely followed by goodwill and the desire to socialize. You can end up feeling frustrated with yourself and others because you can’t hear properly.

A hearing test can offer you instant information about what’s going on and provide recommendations for treatment or advice on choosing a hearing device. You might be surprised at the level of improvement that you can experience with modern hearing equipment.

In the meantime, being able to talk to your loved ones about the steps you are taking can go some way towards immediately alleviating any strain placed on your relationships by hearing loss.


Ongoing health

The problems of hearing loss are not limited to processing sound. Other health conditions, such as depression and dementia, are exacerbated by a poor quality of interaction with the world that results from hearing difficulties. Diabetes and heart disease also have links to hearing issues. Any of these problems can have an impact on your relationships with loved ones.

You do not have to accept knock-on health issues or hearing loss as the natural result of aging or any other circumstances. There is usually something SLENT Hearing & Balance can do to change your experience, improve your relationships, and protect your health.


Here to help

When you visit SLENT Hearing & Balance, we can have a chat about the impact hearing loss has on your relationship. We can use this, along with the results of your hearing test, to help us create a treatment plan that will make a significant difference to your life. Start this conversation with us by getting in touch today. You can make an appointment to visit our hearing center in Mandeville using our online contact form or by calling us at 985-273-5795.

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Dr. JJ Martinez, AuD, FAAA

J.J. was born in Wichita, KS, and was brought up in a Marine Corps family. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the Marine Corps after high school and was stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. After going to college at Southeastern Louisiana University, he went to graduate school and got his doctorate degree from Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, LA. Soon after, he started his career in audiology and became board certified in Audiology.


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