Which Hearing Aid Manufacturer Is The Best And Who Should I Choose?

2024-03-11 | Hearing Aids

Which Hearing Aid Manufacturer Should I choose?

There are many different types of hearing aids to choose from these days. With online options growing more and more each day, it’s hard to get the right information about treating your specific condition.

Over the years, we have built relationships with many manufacturers. We always make sure to stay up to date with the latest technology and anything that may help our patients to hear better.

All hearing aids are created differently and are made to address different issues. It’s very important to work closely with your audiologist so we can find the best option for you.

Intro To The Hearing Aid Industry

My team works with all of the seven major manufacturers of hearing aids, including Unitron, Oticon, ReSound, and Starkey. My favorites right now are still Unitron and ReSound, those are definitely my go-tos, but we work with all of them.

When we talk about technology, we have three different levels. We go with either:

  • Entry Technology
  • Mid-Range Technology
  • Premium Level Technology

What are the differences?

If we’re going to strictly talk about premium, I don’t think there are any major differences between the top-level manufacturers’ products. Every single manufacturer is going to put their best product at their premium level.

They’re going to be great, wonderful hearing aids.

Across the board, there might be differences with features. One manufacturer might be better at a certain feature than the other.

Going lower in technology, there may be differences in quality of sound or processing differences. In which case, I’m not going to fit a patient with a hearing aid that I don’t think is going to work for them. The information I learn from your hearing assessment will determine what type of hearing aid will work best.

Choosing Your First Set Of Hearing Aids

Choosing Your First Set Of Hearing Aids

We always talk about the lifestyle of each patient.

For those of you who are more active socially and who are going to be in more noisy environments, such as restaurants, small groups, grandkids running around, etc., I’m going to recommend a more premium-level device.

This is because you need faster processing and more features. You need noise reduction features in your hearing aids to keep up with your lifestyle and your ever-changing environment.

Contrastly, for my older patients who may not leave their house very often, they’re at home watching TV and talking on the telephone, and maybe they have a visitor every once in a while, may not benefit from all the added features.

They don’t necessarily need those premium devices and can get by with the entry product. So, we talk extensively about their specific lifestyle and what they need out of a product.

Innovations in Hearing Solutions: The Jabra Enhance Plus Review

In our quest to offer the latest in hearing technology, we’ve also explored the Jabra Enhance Plus, a cutting-edge device blending hearing enhancement with lifestyle needs. Ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, it offers a modern alternative to traditional aids.

For a deeper insight into this innovative solution, read our detailed review. Whether it’s the right fit for you can be determined through a comprehensive hearing assessment at SLENT Hearing & Balance Center.

The Oticon More RITE Hearing Aids Review

As part of our commitment to offering personalized hearing solutions, we closely examine what each hearing aid manufacturer brings to the table. Our experience with Oticon, particularly the Oticon More RITE model, showcases why they remain a preferred choice for many.

The Oticon More RITE stands out for its compact design, awarded technology, and the ability to deliver a broad spectrum of sounds directly to the brain. This model is especially popular among our patients for its rechargeable options and discreet profile.

For those interested in diving deeper into the specifics of the Oticon More RITE and why it may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, read our full review here. Discovering the right hearing aid is a journey we’re eager to guide you through, ensuring a choice that complements your individual needs and preferences.

What Is The Next Step If I Think I Need Hearing Aids?

Make an appointment to see us. There are numerous resources online with varying results and it can be hard to get a straight answer.

Certainly, do your own research, bring your questions, and make an appointment with a doctor of audiology, a hearing test, and a hearing aid consultation.

We can discuss all your options, but we can discuss them in a specific format for you. What would work best for you specifically? That’s what we would talk about for you.

To schedule a hearing assessment, simply click here and it can all be done online. If you have questions and would rather talk to me or any member of the team, just give us a call any time at (985) 273-5795 or request a callback here.

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Dr. Marissa Corneille, AuD Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Corneille received her doctor of audiology degree from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans in May 2018. She fulfilled her clinical externship year at SLENT from 2017-2018. She has completed internships at Island Audiology in Hawaii, North Oaks Hospital, and several audiology practices in the greater New Orleans area and Baton Rouge. Dr. Corneille is a member of the Louisiana Academy of Audiology and American Academy of Audiology.


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