Louisianan Audiologist Shares His Professional Opinion On Oticon More RITE Hearing Aids

2021-12-13 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

Louisianan Audiologist Shares His Professional Opinion On Oticon More RITE Hearing Aids

I have been fitting people with Oticon hearing aids for twelve years now, and there’s a lot to love. Some of their top features are:

  • More sounds are delivered to the brain.
  • Their BrainHearing technology recognizes more ambient sounds.
  • Direct streaming from tech apps to the hearing aids is standard.
  • Recharged batteries last for a full day.

Oticon More has been awarded multiple awards for their technology, including CES’s 2021 Innovation Award, MEDTECH’s 2021 Breakthrough Award, and AI’s 2021 Excellence Award. Oticon More was also a RedDot 2021 winner for its BrainHearing technology and slim design.

But here I’d like to focus on just one of their hearing aid offerings – Oticon More RITE.

What Makes Oticon More RITE Hearing Aids Different?

Oticon More RITE hearing aids are smaller, slimmer, and more discreet than their Hearing More aids. Also:

  • Oticon More MiniRITE T style includes a telecoil and disposable batteries.
  • Oticon More MiniRITE R style can be recharged overnight or while out and about, thanks to their SmartCharger.

Try Out The Oticon More RITE

  1. Oticon More RITE with BrainHearing™ technology gives the brain more information to make better sense of sound. It recognizes 12 million sounds and knows which ones matter, and then it delivers those to your brain so you can understand speech and other sounds more easily. This means you don’t have to work as hard to listen
  2. The telecoil feature is very helpful for my patients who work in an office setting and have to attend multiple meetings and conferences.

A telecoil is sort of like an antenna in the hearing aid that picks up a speaker’s voice much more clearly and shuts out background noise. Many event settings are adding this telecoil loop system — also called a hearing loop or audio induction loop — to their sound systems, but it’s not yet available everywhere.

  1. The direct streaming feature is very handy in that you can make hands-free calls from any iPhone or smartphone. You can also stream TV sound to your hearing aids with Oticon’s TV adapter.
  2. The ability to recharge hearing aids while away from home is amazing, and a three-hour charge with their portable SmartCharger powers the aids for a full day. A 30-minute charge will power it for six hours.
  3. Oticon MyMusic offers program settings that sharpen the sound quality when listening to music either live or when streaming it.
  4. ConnectClip is a remote microphone that connects with your hearing aid phone app via Bluetooth and helps pick out speech from a distance.
  5. Tinnitus SoundSupport helps manage tinnitus symptoms by providing masking sounds that can relieve the sounds of tinnitus.

What I Like Most About Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon’s sound quality is really good, and the ability to recharge their hearing aids is amazing.

My patients love their sleek design. They have a very slim fit that hides behind the ear well.

Some Of The Most Popular Oticon Devices I Fit

Oticon More RITE is the most popular behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing device in all four of our hearing centers. They have so many great features that they are hard to beat when it comes to comparing them with other brands.

If you like reading technical information, you can read their tech sheets for the More miniRITE T and the More miniRITE R here.

To Learn More About The Oticon More RITE

Make an appointment to come see us and try them for yourself! Contact the SLENT Hearing & Balance Center to visit the center nearest you. We’re in Mandeville, Hammond, Slidell, and New Orleans.

Even though I love the Oticon More RITE aids, we work with you to find the perfect hearing technology for you based on your unique circumstances, level of hearing loss, and budget.

At our hearing center, you can discuss all your needs and talk about all your options with an experienced audiologist. And Oticon might not be the best brand for you.

We want you to be able to choose in a pressure-free environment, and we’re here to help you do just that – with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Call us today at 985-273-5795 so we can help you choose the best hearing aids for you.

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Dr. JJ Martinez, AuD, FAAA

J.J. was born in Wichita, KS, and was brought up in a Marine Corps family. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the Marine Corps after high school and was stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. After going to college at Southeastern Louisiana University, he went to graduate school and got his doctorate degree from Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, LA. Soon after, he started his career in audiology and became board certified in Audiology.


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