Android Streaming Now Available For ReSound Hearing Aids

2023-01-13 | Hearing Aids, Industry Information, Patient Resources, Technology

Understanding hearing aid technology can be challenging.

If you wear the latest ReSound Hearing Aids and you have an Android smartphone, you’re in luck.

Direct audio streaming is available for compatible devices. What this means is that you can hear your tunes and answer phone calls without the hassle of using a third accessory. Instead, you can actually use your hearing aid like a headset.

SLENT Hearing & Balance Center can help you take advantage of this exciting new development.

Audio Streaming For Hearing Aids (ASHA)

ASHA is a hearing aid technology co-developed by Google. What it does is allows users of the ReSound LINX Quattro hearing aid to connect to an Android 10 device using Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connection-oriented channels.

Currently available on Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, and Samsung Galaxy 9 and 10 phones, it won’t drain the phone or hearing aid batteries as fast as traditional Bluetooth connectivity does. ASHA enables wearers to take calls, stream music, and listen to a movie using the ReSound Smart 3D app.

Stream Audio to Resound Hearing Aids

How To Pair/Check Compatibility With Your Hearing Aid

Here’s how to find out if your Android Smartphone can connect to your ReSound LINX Quattro hearing device:

  1. On your phone, go to Google Play.
  2. Enter “ReSound Smart 3D” in the Search field.
  3. Download the ReSound Smart 3D app.
  4. Open the app and tap “Get Started.”
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your devices.

Next, you will be presented with one of three different screens.

#1 – All Connected.

If you get this message, you’re good to go. Your devices are compatible and automatically paired.

#2 – Setting Changes Required.

Red warning icons on both “Your Status” and “My ReSound” at the bottom of the screen and one next to “Direct Audio Streaming” indicate the devices are not paired correctly.

Tap the “Direct Audio Streaming” option, and you will be taken through directions to pair them properly.

#3 – Not Compatible.

Two warning badges on “Direct Audio Streaming” and “My ReSound” means your technology is not compatible. Only smartphones with the Android 10 operating system are compatible with the ReSound Smart 3D app and can stream calls and audio. Some older Android phones cannot be upgraded. You should check with your carrier to find out if your present phone can be upgraded.

SLENT Hearing & Balance Center

Understanding hearing aid technology can be challenging. For help with your current ReSound hearing aid or to talk about upgrading your hearing device, contact us today at SLENT Hearing and Balance Center.

With practice locations in Mandeville, Hammond, and Slidell, Louisiana, we partner with many of the major hearing insurance companies so that you can get the hearing benefits you need. Hearing issues shouldn’t stop you from living the life you love.

Call us at 985.273.5795 and let us help you have the best hearing experience possible. Everything we do is centered on you.

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Dr. JJ Martinez, AuD, FAAA

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