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In the 1760s, the area now known as Metairie, LA, was largely populated by French farmers practicing métayage, or sharecropping, which inspired the name Metairie. The region began to urbanize in the late 1910s with the introduction of an electric streetcar along Metairie Road, leading to the development of upscale housing tracts in the 1920s.

Despite facing three major hurricanes, Metairie has continued to thrive. It is home to the highly successful Lakeside Shopping Center, the vibrant Fat City nightclub district, and family-friendly Mardi Gras celebrations. Metairie is also known for its recreational opportunities on Lake Pontchartrain and numerous parks offering facilities for sports leagues and youth programs.

Looking after your hearing health is more important than you might think. From cognitive decline and early onset dementia to the loss of your balance, hearing loss can affect many facets of your greater health. To mitigate the risk of these life-altering conditions, we encourage you to consult our Metairie team of audiologists for expert care.

In Metairie, LA, our services include thorough hearing assessments, advanced-technology hearing aids, and professional hearing aid repair. We also specialize in balance therapy for those with balance disorders. Our range of services extends to earwax removal and tinnitus management, all designed to support your journey toward enhanced hearing and improved quality of life.

Our audiologists and hearing specialists in Metairie are committed to providing exceptional care. Whether you need assistance with hearing aids, balance issues, or general hearing health, SLENT Hearing & Balance Center is your trusted partner. We are here to help you navigate your auditory and balance health challenges, ensuring you continue to enjoy life to its fullest.

J.J. Martinez, Au.D., FAAA with a patient at SLENT Hearing & Balance Center in Metairie, LA

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4770 South I-10 Service Rd
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“I am 100 years old and would be lost without my hearing aids. Thank Heaven for Dr. Martinez and his staff. They understand my concerns and answer my questions, always courteous, always kind, never in a hurry or rushed. I found them to be friendly, caring professionals, and I highly recommend them to anyone facing hearing loss.”

Ruth Burns

“Dr. Martinez and his entire staff are friendly, professional, and efficient. It is a pleasure to be treated by them“

Bruce Davidson

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