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Our place between the Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas makes us a boating and fishing paradise, but neither of these activities can be enjoyed to their fullest when you’re experience hearing issues and balance disorders.

Fortunately, our expert audiologists near Akers, LA provide the necessary solutions that allow you to continue living an active and independent lifestyle.

Thousands of local residents in Hammond, Mandeville, and Slidell, LA have put their trust in SLENT Hearing & Balance Center’s methodical approach to audiology for over 20 years. Our hearing and audiology experts combine great technology with a level of care and expertise based on best practices in audiology in order to improve your quality of life by supporting you on your journey to better hearing.

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How We Can Help

The First Step On Your Journey To Better Hearing Is A Hearing Test

Your hearing not only helps you to enjoy the sounds of nature, but it is also a critical part of the situational awareness and balance required to enjoy an independent style of living. Hearing aids and other forms of hearing care improve your quality of life in this rural paradise.

The best way to avoid the consequences of ongoing hearing damage and to continue living the active and independent lifestyle you treasure is to book a hearing test. A quick, easy, and non-invasive hearing test near Akers, LA provides you with instant results and is the basis for providing personalized hearing care.

If some conversations just don’t make sense, family and friends complain that the volume on your television is too loud, or you are struggling with your balance, then contact our SLENT Hearing and Balance Center experts in Hammond, LA for a hearing test.

Senior women undergoing hearing test in a hearing booth
The right hearing aids technology according to your needs

Personalized Hearing Aids And Advanced Hearing Technology

The outdated gadgets your parents or grandparents wore pale in comparison to the enormous technological advancements in hearing technology. In addition to being smaller, lighter, and more powerful, if you are looking for hearing aids near Akers, you will also benefit from the highest possible level of sound quality and connectivity options available on today’s market.

A “one-size-fits-all” approach to hearing aids is not what we’re about at SLENT Hearing and Balance Center, which is why we take the time to discuss your unique lifestyle and budget situation as well as meeting your specific hearing needs when we assist you in selecting the perfect hearing aid.

Assessment And Treatment Of Balance Disorders

Maintaining your balance involves multi-sensual awareness as well as inner ear health. When you experience a hearing loss or your inner ear has sustained damage, you are likely to experience nausea, dizziness, or vertigo as a direct consequence of your condition.

The hearing and audiology experts at our Hammond, LA clinic have a great deal of understanding and expertise related to the role your ears play in helping you to keep your balance, making balance disorder assessment and treatment a natural extension of what we do at SLENT Hearing and Balance Center.

A patient undergoing balance disorder test at Slent Hearing & Balance Center
Tele-audiology is the way forward in a post-covid world

SLENT’s No-Contact, Virtual Hearing Care Solution

Scheduling conflicts, travel challenges, and self-isolation for health reasons are all legitimate issues that make attending an appointment at our Hammond, LA location inconvenient or even unsafe.

By using tele-audiology, you can have no-contact access to a SLENT Hearing and Balance Center audiologist via teleconferencing technology and your smartphone, tablet, or PC from the comfort of your Akers, LA home whenever a virtual appointment is your best option.


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