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SLENT Hearing & Balance Center is proud to have supported and helped the good people of Hammond and surrounding areas with their hearing care for over 20 years.

Trusting your Hearing Care to the team at SLENT Hearing & Balance Center in Hammond is a very smart move, as we have some of the best, most experienced audiologists in Southern Louisiana who are ready to look after any hearing loss-related issue you may have.

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15706 Professional Plaza
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Our Hammond office is conveniently located in close proximity to both I-12 and I-55, off of Club Deluxe Road. You can find us between Hammond Square Mall and North Oaks Hospital.

Once on Professional Plaza we are the second office building on your right.

When you’re finished with your appointment, you can head North and experience shopping at Hammond Square or dining at one of our local restaurants in Downtown Hammond. Antiques more your style? Head South to Ponchatoula’s Antique City, where you may even spot an Alligator in the middle of town!

Come and visit us at our Hammond Office for

Happy Couple hearing health

Balance Disorder Tests

Happy Couple hearing health

Tinnitus Trouble

Welcome To SLENT Hearing & Balance in Hammond

SLENT Hearing & Balance Hammond, Louisiana

“Dr. Martinez is the best. He explained everything in great detail about my hearing loss and was very patient and professional. I highly recommend him and his staff.”

Tammy Beddingfield

How We Can Help You

patient sitting in sound booth having his hearing tested

Comprehensive Hearing Test

When was the last time you had your hearing tested?

It’s true that we consider regular dental, blood pressure and cholesterol checks to be important, and yet, for some reason, checking our hearing gets left on the shelf – why is that?

And with studies suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans have a hearing loss, with many common signs going unnoticed because of a lack of testing, it’s time we made people aware of how much better their life could be if only they added ‘hearing’ to their list of regular check-ups, starting with the good people of Louisiana, and more specifically, you…

Patient being fitted with a hearing aid

Personalized Prescription Hearing Aids & Advanced Hearing Technology

One of the best ways to enjoy life in full sound again

With the average person waiting over seven years before having their hearing assessed after experiencing the initial signs of hearing loss, it is critical to have your hearing tested at the earliest possible sign.

If you’re missing parts of conversations, having loved ones complain at the volume of the television, or you feel that your hearing isn’t as clear as it once was, visit our professional and friendly team at a SLENT Hearing & Balance Center for a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Balance assessment

Balance Disorder & Tests

Is dizziness or nausea causing you discomfort?

Did you know that your balance is directly linked to your ears? That constant nausea or dizziness you’re experiencing could potentially be a direct result of a larger hearing issue or hearing loss, but don’t worry, treating this is our specialty.

The balance disorder test is very similar to the hearing test, with an emphasis on a physical examination of your inner ear, which is carried out by one of our highly training Doctors of Audiology.

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