Can You Remember When
You Last Had Your Hearing Tested?

We make these annual appointments without a second thought – visit the dentist, go for a vision test, see the doctor for a yearly physical. But what about your ears? When were they last included in your annual healthcare routine?

Hearing loss doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process over the years, so it isn’t noticeable at first. But at some point, things will start to change. A few common signs of hearing loss include finding conversations hard to follow, turning the TV’s volume up louder than usual, and asking people to repeat themselves.

You might not think too much of it at first, or, despite any frustrations it is causing you, you might decide to put treatment off for “another day.”  Often friends and family are the first to notice one’s hearing loss before it becomes a real challenge for the sufferer.

Sound familiar? If so, then SLENT Hearing & Balance Center encourages you to visit one of our hearing center in Hammond, Slidell or Mandeville, LA for a hearing test. We’ll test your hearing, and if needed, help you to select the best hearing aid devices for you.


The Different Styles of 
Hearing Aids

Invisible In The Canal (IIC)

Hearing Aid

IIC instruments are the smallest custom style on the market today. They rest invisibly in or just beyond the second bend of the ear canal. IIC devices are specifically designed for those with mild to moderate hearing losses in mind.

Completely In The Canal (CIC)

Hearing Aid 

CIC instruments are custom styled and fit deeply and completely inside the ear canal. They are suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses. As they’re nearly invisible when worn, many people find them cosmetically appealing.

In The Canal (ITC)

Hearing Aid

ITC instruments are placed in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl and they are comfortable and easy to use. Due to their larger size, they have a longer battery life and are capable of additional features, such as directional microphones – quite useful for better understanding in loud environments –and volume controls. They are a good fit for mild to moderate hearing losses.

Full Shell Or In The Ear (ITE)

Hearing Aid

Full shell models are placed flush within the outer ear bowl. Their larger size means a maximum number of controls and features including directional microphones, which require space on the outer portion of the device. They use a larger battery than smaller hearing aids and can manage a larger receiver with enough power for even some severe hearing losses. Because of their range of options, they’re highly recommended for mild to severe hearing losses.

Receiver In-Ear (RIC)

Hearing Aid

The RIC models are like mini BTEs and look quite similar to them when worn. Their speaker is incorporated in the ear tip, instead of in the main unit of the device. RICs are good for mild to severe hearing losses.

BTE With Earmold

Hearing Aid

BTEs with earmolds suit wearers with mild to profound hearing losses. They come in a longer shape, which follows the contour behind the outer ear. They have a variety of features, including a program button and volume control. The earmold and style, as well as the wearer’s hairstyle, will determine how they will look on each individual.


Meet Your
Local Audiologist

“Hi, I’m Dr. Martinez your specialized Doctor of audiology and I’m the Founder of SLENT Hearing & Balance Center”

We know what a harrowing experience hearing loss is, how fragile your ears are and how important getting your hearing back is to you.You can trust us to be sensitive to this, to take care of you like a person – not a number – and make the entire experience as easy going and comfortable as possible.

Everything we do is centered on you. Ensuring your hearing doesn’t stop you from living the life you love is one of the greatest ways we can contribute to the quality of your life.
We know our patients, every single one of them, and to us, they’re like family. The best thing about our family though, is that we’ve all chosen to be a part of it!

Join Our
Delighted Patients

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our patients have to say…

Faye Murphy Avatar

Vertigo Diagnosed and treated for vertigo. Very competent and professional staff.. Treatment was successful. Would highly recommend SLENT

Faye Murphy 2/08/2020
Virginia Carter Avatar

Hearing Aides When I first met Dr. Martinez a little over a year ago, I was very impressed with him. He showed me a new device to use instead of ear domes. I have to say I love them and I am hearing much better. Dr. Martinez is very professional and you feel like you have know him a long time. I would recommend anyone who is having hearing problems to please go see him. Please don't put off a hearing test if you need one because it opened up a world to me that I had forgotten. Thank you Dr. Martinez.

Virginia Carter 9/12/2019
James Walsh Avatar

Excellent service and attention

James Walsh 2/11/2020
Priscilla Rigney Avatar

What an awesome place. The staff are very knowledgeable, and friendly. The office is clean and comfortable. I feel I’m in good hands on my visits. I so love Drs. Sorrel and Corneille! I got lucky with these two. Yay me!

Priscilla Rigney 2/08/2020

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