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It’s Dr. JJ Martinez bringing you our November newsletter.

This month, Thanksgiving descends upon us – are you ready for some scrumptious turkey with all the trimmings? I know I am…!

But I’m even more excited to announce our “Hear for the Holidays” campaign. We’re giving you the opportunity to tell us about a family member, friend, neighbor, or anyone who you think deserves a complimentary set of hearing aids.

Simply click here to nominate your special person and to learn more about the campaign. But hurry – the deadline to enter is December 1.

We’ll then sit back and read through all of the entries and choose a lucky recipient who will receive hearing aids as a gift from us – just in time for all the Christmas festivities!

What else is new this month? Read on to find out …

Patient Resources

10 Tips for Communicating Better with Hard of Hearing Individuals

Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, should be a joyous time. But if someone has a hearing loss, engaging in a conversation can prove difficult. Here’s how to ensure your message gets through.

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Apple iOS 13 Update Causing Hearing Aid Connectivity Issues

This article explains everything you need to know in order to navigate the challenges you may experience when trying to reconnect your hearing aids to your Apple device.

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Hearing Health Tip

It’s Thanksgiving. You are gathered around the table with the family ready for your Thanksgiving feast…and you realize you can’t hear much of what’s being said because there’s so much noise and you have a hearing loss.

Don’t despair – here are three simple things you can do to make the day a pleasurable experience.

1.    Cupping your hand behind your ear is a simple visual cue that says, “I can’t hear you.” This usually results in the speaker talking louder without interrupting the conversation.

2.    If the host has turned up the music and it is too loud for you to hear those around you, there is nothing wrong with asking them to turn the music’s volume down. Less background noise will make it easier for you to keep up with all the chatter.

3.    Being bombarded with lots of conversations happening around you can create brain overload, especially if you wear a hearing aid or have a hearing loss. Don’t hesitate to take a break from it by making a trip to the restroom or stepping outside for a few minutes. The silence will let you recharge so you can enjoy the rest of your visit.

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Insurance: Are you covered?

Figuring out whether or not your insurance benefits cover you for hearing care can be confusing and even frustrating. Don’t worry, though – we can help.

We partner with many major insurance companies and are more than happy to find out what you are entitled to. Simply click here to complete the form, and we’ll contact your insurance company on your behalf to sort out the fine details.

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