Do you hear a ringing or buzzing when no-one else does? Maybe it’s more of a whooshing, throbbing, hissing or humming in your ears? It could be persistent, come and go, be in one ear or both. These are the signs of tinnitus.

For some, tinnitus barely registers, but for others it can be a distraction that affects their concentration or even disturbs their sleep. Wherever you fall along this spectrum it is worth seeing a hearing care professional at SLENT.

Our Audiologists will find out how bad your tinnitus is and provide you with the advice and support you need. There is no cure for tinnitus but there are ways to manage your condition.


Tinnitus can really stress you out. And stress makes those irritating sounds worse, sometimes making it impossible to get anything done.

One way to manage your tinnitus is to reduce your stress levels. Easier said than done, but worth trying. Listen to chill out music, do some exercise or try yoga. See what works for you.

Thankfully, there is also technological help at hand, with ReSound leading the way.

ReSound Relief™

The ReSound Relief™ app uses sound therapy to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. When your ears are already full of the unwanted sounds of tinnitus, how could adding in more sounds possibly help?

Think of tinnitus as a candle in a dark room, glaring and bright. Now switch on the ceiling lights and table lamps. Is the flicker of that candle so obvious now?

That’s what sound therapy does to tinnitus. It drowns it out.

The ReSound Relief™ app trains your brain to ignore the distracting sounds of tinnitus and focus instead on other sounds, sounds you need to hear to get through your day with ease.

The app uses specially designed soundscapes that you can play to mask your tinnitus. Each soundscape is designed to deal with the different sounds produced by tinnitus.

When you download the app, you’ll also get engaging activities to help provide relief from your tinnitus, as well as top tips for managing your condition.

Don’t let tinnitus get in the way of your day, download ReSound Relief™ onto your phone today.

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Dr. JJ Martinez, AuD, FAAA

J.J. was born in Wichita, KS, and was brought up in a Marine Corps family. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the Marine Corps after high school and was stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. After going to college at Southeastern Louisiana University, he went to graduate school and got his doctorate degree from Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, LA. Soon after, he started his career in audiology and became board certified in Audiology.