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  • Donna Voorhies Avatar

    Trustworthy Dr Martinez is one of the most honest & trustworthy doctors around. I have made several purchases from him & I am completely satisfied with the products & his service. He takes time to answer all my questions & accurately guides me how to use the items. Him & his staff are always there whenever I need anything.

    Donna Voorhies 2/08/2020
  • Tammy Beddingfield Avatar

    Dr. Martinez is the best. He explained everything in great detail about my hearing loss and was very patient and professional. I highly recommend him and his staff.

    Tammy Beddingfield 3/06/2021
  • Ruth Bruns Avatar

    Always helpful and friendly I am 100 years old and without my hearing aids I am lost. Dr. Martinez and his staff are always ready to answer my questions and offer help if hearing aid problems arise. They are friendly, caring professionals, always courteous, always kind. never rushed. I recommend them highly to anyone faced with hearing loss. Your questions will be answered and you will be treated like a friend as well as a patient. I think they are great.

    Ruth Bruns 2/09/2020
  • Virginia Carter Avatar

    Hearing Aides When I first met Dr. Martinez a little over a year ago, I was very impressed with him. He showed me a new device to use instead of ear domes. I have to say I love them and I am hearing much better. Dr. Martinez is very professional and you feel like you have know him a long time. I would recommend anyone who is having hearing problems to please go see him. Please don't put off a hearing test if you need one because it opened up a world to me that I had forgotten. Thank you Dr. Martinez.

    Virginia Carter 9/12/2019
  • Susan Belsom Avatar

    Outstanding Audiology Dr. Martinez is super knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. My hearing loss is long-standing and aggravated by an ongoing allergy problem. Dr. Martinez and his staff have gone above and beyond their duties to help with choosing the right hearing aids, adjusting them when needed, and offering encouragement. They have my confidence and highest recommendation.

    Susan Belsom 2/09/2020