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    My hearing aids have helped tremendously I am so happy with my new hearing aids. My family and I aren't frustrated anymore about me not hearing or understanding them when they talk. Dr Corneille is completely patient with me. I ask a lot of questions in regards to music and she has helped me with that.

    CLIFTON W DREYFUS 2/22/2020
  • Mike Haley Avatar

    New Hearing Aids Dr. Martinez and his staff are always attentive, courteous and professional. I appreciate all the help they give me.

    Mike Haley 9/05/2019
  • Donna Voorhies Avatar

    Trustworthy Dr Martinez is one of the most honest & trustworthy doctors around. I have made several purchases from him & I am completely satisfied with the products & his service. He takes time to answer all my questions & accurately guides me how to use the items. Him & his staff are always there whenever I need anything.

    Donna Voorhies 2/08/2020
  • Priscilla Rigney Avatar

    What an awesome place. The staff are very knowledgeable, and friendly. The office is clean and comfortable. I feel I’m in good hands on my visits. I so love Drs. Sorrel and Corneille! I got lucky with these two. Yay me!

    Priscilla Rigney 2/08/2020
  • Cheryl Beaver Avatar

    Love SLENT The entire staff was helpful, and Dr. Martinez was very professional and compassionate. I highly recommend SLENT!

    Cheryl Beaver 2/08/2020