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It’s Dr. JJ Martinez bringing you our February newsletter.

This month is all about those we love and hold close to our hearts. At SLENT Hearing and Balance Center, this means you – our dear patients. 

So, from Feb 1 – Feb 14, as part of our “14 Days of Love,” we decided to let you do the talking! And we were very moved by what you had to say. 

For fourteen days, we featured comments, videos, and reviews on our Facebook page submitted by our patients. It was wonderful to hear your positive feedback and enthusiasm for our practice.

Furthermore, you were asked to share the love, by sharing the posts with family and friends. Just a simple way to raise awareness of hearing loss within our community and inspire those who are struggling with their hearing to seek help. 

Visit our Facebook page to follow the latest updates on our exciting Valentine’s Day announcement!

And remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your or a loved one’s hearing, just give us a call.

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Hearing Health Tip

Loud noises, such as rock concerts and machinery, can damage our hearing over time, but did you know that wind can, too? 

That’s right – cruising in your convertible, racing down a hill on your bicycle, or riding your motorcycle can affect your hearing due to the noise created by wind at high speeds.

Research shows that long exposure to buffeting winds while riding in a top-down convertible or on a motorcycle can cause hearing damage. Noise increases by about 15 dB, which means that hearing damage can start at 55 mph.

Additionally, cyclists can face an eardrum rupture just by riding their bicycle on flat terrain daily. However, if you’re into serious racing, the wind’s sound levels can reach as much as 120 dB if racing downhill. 120 dB means immediate danger to your ears.

The solution? Wearing appropriate ear protection will prevent ear damage and let you stay on the road enjoying your ride.


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Insurance: Are you covered?

Figuring out whether or not your insurance benefits cover you for hearing care can be confusing and even frustrating. Don’t worry, though – we can help.

We partner with many major insurance companies and are more than happy to find out what you are entitled to. Simply click here to complete the form, and we’ll contact your insurance company on your behalf to sort out the fine details.

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