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It’s Dr. JJ Martinez bringing you our January newsletter.

A new year is upon us, full of new experiences, opportunities, and surprises yet to come. Many see it as a chance to accomplish the things we didn’t manage to do last year or to completely redefine who we are and what we want to achieve.  

As your hearing care specialists, we want to help you to experience life to the fullest. Whether that is by simply keeping you informed about hearing health and technology, reviewing your hearing needs at your annual appointment, or if you are new to us – getting you started on your journey to better hearing.  

With good hearing and a positive, healthy mindset, the world is yours to explore and there is so much waiting to be discovered! Let us help you to get the most out of your hearing, so you can experience the most out of life. 

Any questions or concerns about your hearing? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Everyone at SLENT Hearing and Balance Center wishes you an uplifting and adventurous 2020! 

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Hearing Health Tip

Unsure if you’re going to use that journal you just received as a Christmas gift? Well, if you’ve recently started to wear new hearing aids, why not use it to keep track of any noises that are irritating you or sounds that are still unclear?
It can sometimes take several follow-up appointments to get your hearing aids just right. So, if the clock’s ticking seems way too loud, or conversations in restaurants are still a bit muffled, write it down. This way, you can easily keep track of any issues in your hearing journal and address them with us the next time you visit.

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Insurance: Are you covered?

Figuring out whether or not your insurance benefits cover you for hearing care can be confusing and even frustrating. Don’t worry, though – we can help.

We partner with many major insurance companies and are more than happy to find out what you are entitled to. Simply click here to complete the form, and we’ll contact your insurance company on your behalf to sort out the fine details.

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