Marissa Corneille, Au.D., F-AAA

Marissa Corneille, Au.D., F-AAA

As a doctor of audiology, Marissa is a key part of the SLENT Hearing & Balance team.

From evaluating and treating hearing, balance, and tinnitus disorders, she is always trying her hardest to help others, ensuring each patient gets the best possible outcome.

Originally a Louisiana native, she grew up in Houma and knows the area like the back of her hand.

While she loves that each day is a challenge, she wouldn’t be able to do her role without the team’s support along the way.

There is a shared ethos among the whole team with a total commitment to patient care and an overall positive experience. Everyone works so tirelessly to ensure the patient is happy and successful in reaching their goals.

Each day is different, but the smiles on her patients’ faces are what remains the same. Her favorite success story involves a patient, like many others, who never wanted to get hearing aids but was referred to her by his cousin.

“His cousin highly recommended me and told him to give it a try. When I fit the patient with hearing aids, his eyes filled with tears and he thanked me wholeheartedly.

“He said he couldn’t believe he waited so long and how much sound he was missing. His tears reminded me of why I wanted to be an audiologist in the first place and how what I do can truly affect the quality of people’s lives.”

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