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It’s Dr. JJ Martinez bringing you our December newsletter.

2019 is rapidly coming to a close. It seems like it was only yesterday when we chatted about New Year’s resolutions and taking control of your hearing health.

I hope this year has been a good year for you and that your hearing is performing at its best. And as the winter holidays approach, may you thoroughly enjoy and relish every moment – whether it’s socializing with your family, friends, or colleagues.

But if you have any questions or hearing concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Hear For The Holidays

Thank you to everyone who entered our Hear for the Holidays competition. The response has been amazing! We’ve been busy little elves, reading through your entries – and we’ve been deeply moved by so many of your stories.

We are so happy to announce our lucky winner… Robert Prine!


Marsha Prine nominated Robert just in time to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest with his new hearing technology.

From everyone at SLENT Hearing and Balance Center, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for your patronage this year. We’re looking forward to 2020 with many more good things to come!

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 7 Sounds To Be Thankful For This Holiday Season

Here’s a look at some of the festive sounds you can expect to hear this time of year!

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Hearing Health Care: Troubleshooting Your New Hearing Aids

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Hearing Health Tip

Tis the season for going out to eat with friends and family. However, finding a quiet restaurant can be a challenge at this time of the year.  


If you have a hearing loss, tinnitus, or a sensory disorder, too much noise can make your symptoms worse. If your hearing is good, what impact will lots of noise have on it?  


But now two apps can help you out. They can identify local restaurants and cafes that are gentler on the ears. Here’s a brief look at them: 


Soundprint: View a map of local restaurants along with their sound decibel rating. You can also test the decibel levels at the restaurant you’re at to see if the environment is too loud. Share your findings by uploading them to the app. To find out more and to download, click here.  


iHearU: Find ear-friendly restaurants worldwide. Any location rated four noise bars, or less is considered a safe environment. You can also find establishments that offer assistive hearing systems.


Additionally, you can report on quiet locations and add them to the app. Going to a livelier restaurant? Find out just how noisy it is and then decide if you want to wear ear protection. To learn more and to download, click here.  


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